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Wakeboard Sponsorship

Want a wakeboard sponsorship? Here’s what you need to know.

Wakeboard sponsorship has changed considerably over the last couple years. If you want to score…

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Everything to do after wakeboarding. Our recommended spots to visit before or after Orlando's Surf…

The complete guide to wakeboarding ropes. How to crush your trick list.

Adjusting your wakeboard rope is the best kept secret to crush your trick list.

The progression of learning and landing new wakeboard tricks is largely dependent on the length of…

Boat Wakeboards

The Top 8 Wakeboard Boats Of All Time

After driving or riding behind most wakeboard boats, talking with pro wakeboarders, and watching…

Pinewood Club Wakeboarding

Using Creative Brand Collabs To Grow Your Business [Finding Inspiration In Street Art]

How did skateboarding start at the top of the funnel in the design world? We uncover the boards…

How to Buy a Wakeboard

How To Buy Wakeboards: The Definitive Guide [4 Important Questions To Answer Before You Buy]

In this definitive wakeboard guide we will explore the exact questions shop pros ask when finding…

Wakeboarding Subscriptions Signup

Wakeboarding Height & Weight Factor: Choosing The Best Wakeboard Size

A good way to fine tune your wakeboard skills is to choose a correct wakeboard size that is ideal…

M6 Wakeboard Binding Inserts

Benefits Of M6 Wakeboard Binding Inserts: Making Bindings Secure

Are you using M6 bolts to keep your bindings secure? The wakeboard industry has gone through a lot…

How Flex Wakeboards Are Designed and Why They're Awesome

How Flex Wakeboards Are Designed and Why They’re Awesome

The question of whether to ride a flex wakeboard, flexboard, or more accurately, a wakeboard with…

Good Wakeboard Style

Top 5 exercises for softer landings [and better wakeboard style!]

Smooth, soft, and controlled landings are a crucial part of wakeboarding. We'll walk you through…

Wakesurfing on a budget: Ever tried ‘Dronesurfing’?

Wakesurfing on a budget: Ever tried ‘Dronesurfing’?

With cable systems helping wakeboarding to survive [or some might say thrive]. Is dronesurfing a…

10 Day Holiday Giveaway

Humanoid Holiday Wakeboard Giveaway Contests

The 10 Day Holiday Giveaway Is Live. Here's how to enter.

Top 10 Recommended Lines On Kaesen Suyerhoud's Unit Wakeboard Lines Feature

Top 10 Recommended Lines On Kaesen Suyerhoud’s Unit Wakeboard Feature

Instead of releasing a 'run of the mill' sponsorship announcement, we collaborated with Kaesen…

How To Determine The Best Stance To Prevent Common Wakeboard Injuries

How a rider stands on a wakeboard, aka their riding “stance”, has progressed broadly since the…

Finding The Best Wakeboard Company. Riding Notes Explained.

Riding Notes help a rider quickly assess the best wakeboard. Finding the 'best wakeboard company'…

Humanoid Wakeboards Warranty: All Good Forever Lifetime & Impact Insurance

From Day 1 we've experimented with bucking the trend of conventional industry standards. Always…

Sidecuts: 3 Wakeboard Designs & The Affect On Your Riding

I want to talk about a design aspect that has been neglected in wakeboarding, the sidecut. Here’s…

15 Of The Best Wakeboard Tools We Use On The Regular

For the upcoming season we are going to be peeling back the curtains a bit more on our company…

7 Key Wakeboard Positions For A Strong Heelside Edge

To set up for a toeside wake jump a wakeboarder has to edge out on their heelside edge away from…

Tag Your Wakeboard or Wakesurfer The Cheap, Quick & Easy Way

Dust off your wakeboard and give it a little love and shine with some cheap spray paint.  In this…