The Hype

Our perennial crowd pleaser, Cassette #008 is a cult favorite. Constructed with a new fiberglass layup and thinner core, this revamped and lighter build offers maximum send and pinpoint accuracy. A wide perimeter shape underfoot and square corners give this board a powerful, smooth and floaty feel in air and water. Cassette #008 features a thruster fin configuration, Ghost Stringers, and a double belly base shape that supercharges pop and makes landings a breeze. This is the cruise missile of choice for your spin-to-win mission.

• Aggressive Pop. Bi-sectional sidecut with wider tip & tail corners for explosiveness off the wake

• Feel the flow. End to end base channels & thruster fins create smooth & responsive turns

• Softer Landings. Rounded base features for maintaining speed from lift-off to landing

• Strong & precise stance inserts. 5-pack M6 inserts with up to .5” stance width adjustments

• Industry leading durability. Lively Paulownia Woodland i-Core reinforced with Ghost Stringers

• Intelligently Design. Shape by Kyle Schmidt & repped by Australian vet Chris O’Shea

The Specs

Rocker Height: 2.6" | 2.8" | 3.0"
Rocker Type: Continuous
Sidecut: Bi-Sectional
Width: 43cm | 43.5 cm | 44cm
Stance Widths: 22"- 26" | 22.5" - 26.5" | 23"-27"
Weight: 6.5 lbs | 7.5 lbs | 8.5 lbs
Suggested Riding: Boat

The Build

Good news. You don't have to go broke buying new gear. By selling directly to you, you'll get premium materials at a fraction of the price you'd normally pay with other board brands.

• Water Based Sub Printed HD Gloss Topsheet
• Triaxial Fiberglass 16 oz. (updated)
• Paulownia Woodland I-Core
• Ghost Stringers
• UHMW-PE Sculpted Sidewalls
• Russian Birch Ply Insert Blocks
• 5-Pack Stainless Steel M6 Inserts
• Plainweave Fiberglass 10 oz. (updated)
• Water Based Sub Printed HD Gloss Base

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