The Hype

Cassette #002 packs loads of power & lively response for your next red carpet cable entrance. Designed for riders seeking more of a ‘lock-in’ feel when on edge, the sharper corners create unmatched drive and precision through turns. A wider nose & tail shape gives Cassette #002 more float in flat water. The result is a perfect balance of explosive ollies and bigger, floaty airs. Get your dancing shoes on and touch a little sky.

• Explosive pop with a smooth, consistent response

• Diamond shaped top fiberglass reinforcement lessens landing impact and creates softer landings

• Lightning quick ollies –  wider nose & tail shape creates fast, fluid response

• Simple & solid stance options – 5 Pack inserts create strong .5” stance adjustments

• Made in the USA – Unsurpassed material durability for everyday cable riding

• Crush cable parks

The Specs

Rocker Height: 2.4" | 2.6" | 2.8"
Width: 43cm | 43.5cm | 44cm
Rocker Type: Continuous
Sidecut: Bi-sectional
Stance Widths: 22"- 26. | 22.5" - 26.5" | 23" - 27"
Weight: 8.0 lbs | 8.5 lbs | 9.0 lbs
Suggested Riding: Cable Park

The Build

Good news. You don't have to go broke buying new gear. By selling directly to you, you'll get premium materials at a fraction of the price you'd normally pay with other board brands.

• Water Based Sub Printed HD Gloss Topsheet
• 12 oz. Biaxial Fiberglass
• Reinforced Fiberglass Landing Pad
• Quantum Core
• UHMW-PE Sculpted Sidewalls
• Russian Birch Ply Insert Blocks
• 5-Pack Stainless Steel M6 Inserts
• Die-cut Indestructoid UHMW-PE Base

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