The Hype

When buttery flat water conditions exist, our highest caliber shred stick is the master of ceremonies. Wrapped in the latest space age carbon fiber shell and built by good ol’ American hands, the Circus will go fast and fly far. Shaped with a narrower perimeter taper and multiple base contours & spines, you’ll discover a seamless blend of unfiltered speed, explosive pop, and soft landings. When on edge, Cassette #009 delivers quick acceleration and powerful turns from takeoff to touchdown. Add the Circus to your stable and leave the other freak shows behind.

• A single, smooth sidecut and tapered shape for unfiltered speed and acceleration

• Go big, land smooth. Multiple base channels & spines maintain stability

• Simple & solid stance options. 5 Pack inserts create strong .5” stance adjustments

• Fly in stealth mode and turn on a dime. Aerospace grade full length carbon fiber

• Industry leading durability. 100% Paulownia Woodland i-Core creates lively feel season after season

The Specs

Rocker Height:
145cm - 2.8” | 141cm - 2.6” | 136cm - 2.4”
Rocker Type: Continuous
Sidecut: Multi
Board Width:
146cm - 43cm | 141cm - 42cm | 136cm - 41cm
Fins: Pt. 7 inch
Suggested Terrain: Boat

The Build

Good news. You don't have to go broke buying new gear. By selling directly to you, you'll get premium materials at a fraction of the price you'd normally pay with other board brands.

• Water Based Sub Printed HD Gloss Topsheet
• Hexcel 12k Carbon Fiber 12 oz.
• UHMW-PE Sculpted Sidewalls
• Paulownia Woodland I-Core
• Russian Birch Plywood Insert Block
• 5-Pack Stainless Steel M6 Inserts
• Hexcel 12k Carbon Fiber 12 oz. (updated)
• Water Based Sub Printed HD Gloss Base

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