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Two friends shared a common love around technology, time-tested design, and the great outdoors. We started building. Injecting a fresh aesthetic with a fun DIY ethos, a brand was born. A motley crew of wakeboard manufacturers, designers, and blue collar work ethic.

5 years in, we built the only high production, direct-to-consumer 'in-house' wakeboard manufacturing operation in the USA. In today's world of cheap offshore manufacturing, wakeboard manufacturing in the USA is no small feat. We have complete control over manufacturing processes, space age materials and first-to-market technologies. Using the latest innovations in tech, we're bringing you the best of both worlds. Both sides can win.

We've pioneered a bit since our all wood wakeboards were first released. Here's a few we're most proud of.

The Frontier of wakeboard manufacturerstechnology

Here’s a secret not many wakeboard manufacturers care to share. Almost all wakeboards are made in the same large scale factory using the same process. They are built with cheap labor and materials. Most wakeboard manufacturers product functions for little beyond the time it leaves the shelf. Why should you care? The technical jargon doesn’t result in more fun or better performance for you – the rider. We take a more progressive approach. We believe you can do more with less and offer the best value among wakeboard manufacturers by using the highest quality technology among wakeboard manufacturers.

Whatever wakeboard you decide to buy, take note of the following. Material and design innovations matter.

Wakeboards made in the USA

Quantum Cores

The highest quality wood among wakeboard manufacturers is Paulownia Wood. Quantum Cores are engineered for flex, snap, and longevity vs other foam or multi-composite core counterparts.  Each core is built with three vertical 100% Paulownia segments joined together side by side. Each of our Quantum Core blanks are milled in this specific '3 ply' layup. The result? The most durable and lively core pattern among wakeboard manufacturers. Quantum Core blanks are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

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Wakeboard Manufacturers Wood Core

Sculpted Sidewalls

Precisely machined arcs and contours milled into durable UHMW material inject our wakeboards with a dose of herculean strength. You'll see increased impact protection and weight reduction. It also looks nice. Your wakeboard is officially 'on the juice.'

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Wakeboard Manufacturers Sculpted UHMW Sidewalls

Ghost Stringers

Our most technical and stealthy innovation to date. Ghost Stringers are powerful triangular wood reinforcements precisely milled into each wakeboard's wood core. The triangular stringers are secured in place using a special fiberglass layup. We then press the stringers into the core of the wakeboard. The result is a lively snappy response through the centerline of each wakeboard. This results in super smooth landings with zero added weight. A first among wakeboard manufacturers.

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Wakeboard Manufacturers Ghost Stringers

Sintered Die-Cut Bases

The highest quality Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) sintered bases we could get our human hands on. By using a die-cut process for the first time in wakeboard manufacturing [like piecing together a puzzle], we have eliminated the use of printing inks which reduces weight & waste. Each base is finished with exact tolerances and offers a consistent and smooth feel on cable park features.

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Wakeboard Manufacturers Sintered UHMW wakeboard base

Carbon Fiber Shell

Looking to shed a few lbs. while increasing your odds of survival on those knee-buckling double ups? A full top and bottom wrap of premium quality carbon fiber will do the trick. Jet pack sold separately.

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Wakeboard Manufacturers Carbon fiber wakeboard

Paulownia Woodland icore

The core is really just that, the heart & soul of a board. It determines many of the riding characteristics before we start experimenting with different layups and space age materials. All our cores are vertically laminated, sustainably raised and harvested with FSC certified Paulownia Woodland i-Cores. We use a full wood core because of it's consistent energy, snappy response, and unsurpassed durability. The Paulownia Woodland i-Core produces lively pop season after season.

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Wakeboard manufacturers Wakeboard Core

M6 Inserts | 5 or 7 Pack

M6 is a metric measurement that offers tighter tolerances and strong interface between board and binding systems. Our Hexagon shaped custom M6 inserts are molded with ribbed sections significantly increasing insert strength by up to 150%. This offers a simple steadfast solution to fine tune your stance with small half inch adjustments.

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wakeboard manufacturers M6 insert

USA Wakeboard Manufacturers

We invest in the highest quality components from around the globe and assemble boards by hand [with the help of a few machines]. Get live stream notifications of our latest factory releases & participate in build workshops. Tune into Humanoid’s Youtube channel & Facebook live.

Wakeboarding For The Modern World

We build in the USA, ship worldwide, and back it with good customer support. We avoid a traditional retail supply chain to bring you the best value to performance gear in wakeboarding.

Industry Leading Durability

Wakeboard gear engineered for performance and durability. Choose from industry leading warranties: A Standard 2 year warranty or upgrade to the industry's only All Good Forever Warranty. You won't find that anywhere else in board building.

Space Age Materials. Designed For Performance.

From industry vets to up-and-coming wakeboarders, each product is guaranteed to be field tested by wakeboarding's top riding talent. Your wakeboard gear is the last thing you want to think about. Get out and have fun.

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