For the upcoming season we are going to be peeling back the curtains a bit more on our company operations. As such, this is going to be a completely new chapter for us but one we are truly excited about. Earlier this summer we shared a small preview of these plans when we released the video of how we build wakeboards. If you’ve signed up for our email list, expect new programs dropping as soon as next week! To kick things off, we are sharing 15 of the best technology tools & apps we use in wakeboarding.

Technology can be a fantastic tool for saving time. If used correctly, most of the tech resources can and will speed up your wakeboarding learning curve. In the process, you’ll be adding more moves to your bag of tricks and hopefully having more fun on the water in the process. That said, if you’re not focused and don’t have a strategy, technology can also be a complete time suck. After spending our time, energy, and money over the past years finding that out the hard way, we’ve curated a short list of 17 technologies that we think are the best bang for your buck. Please note, this is only a small portion of the hardware, software, and apps we use. These tools & apps are the easiest to use and implement. After all, spending time in the great outdoors is what wakeboarding is about.

5 Hardware Technologies

Canon 5D Mark 3 – Chris O’s got a keen eye for photography if you haven’t noticed. This is what he uses. You’ll want to take some online classes from Udemy on how to use this rig.

Wanna get started in wakeboarding photography? Here’s a quick setup & buyers for DSLRs guide…

  • Types of Camera Lenses that a Photographer should have – How to choose the best lens? Once you have determined in which type of photography you are interested, pay attention to the conditions and situations when you are going to use it. Then, look for the features which are essential for those conditions. And yes, pay close attention to the brand. The mentioned ones here are recommended.

Panasonic GH4 – Trevor Bashir’s video camera of choice for all our video edits. Trick it out with a few gimbals from DJI and lenses from B&H

GoPro – Stack footy, edit, and share with friends.

DJI Drones – You might need a co-pilot to bring you through the first couple flights. If you are good at video games then you’ll pick it up quickly.

Our Gear – Duh! Go step your game up.

6 Software Technologies

Evernote/Dropbox – Got some riding ideas? take notes, record audio & video, and make lists. Our virtual archive of thoughts and meeting notes.

WordPress – Share your story online. lightweight, easy to use, and tons of great plugins. A library of great resources to help like WP Curve

Woocommerce – An e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Have an audience? Set up a store, customize and sell.

Mailchimp – Organize email correspondence with your audience. This service has made great strides recently with its features.

Slack – Drastically cut down email correspondence. Like text messaging with some nifty features.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Pay Adobe a monthly fee and get access to all the creative apps for building things like websites & board graphics. A massive bundle for a small price.

4 Lifestyle Technologies

Bosu Ball – Channel you inner Mr. Miyagi. Good for injury recovery & [re]gaining balance.

Keto Diet – Load up on protein and natural fats, cut off carbs. Feel like a champ.

Gymnastic Bodies – An online fitness course for mobility, strength and flexibility training. Become a ninja.

Headspace – A digital health platform that uses guided meditation to keep the inner peace.

We’ve tested dozens of ‘time saving’ technologies to get to this point. So while this list is meant to be concise,  it’s no where near complete. Got some cool tech to share? Hit us up, we are easy to reach.