What is Surf Expo Orlando?

Surf Expo Orlando is a the time of year to unveil a preview of whats in store for next year’s wakeboards, wakesurfers, boats, and everything else that floats on water. While Surf Expo is undoubtedly a good time for the product junkie, there’s also considerable down time to explore Orlando. If only you knew a local who could show you around ????

So after you’ve had your share of Surf Expo stories, take a look at the map of our favorite places to visit after Surf Expo Orlando.

A local’s guide to recommended Golf Courses, Disc Golf, and other spots to visit while in town for Surf Expo Orlando


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Not into golf? Try these other spots:

  1. Whirly Dome: Played indoors, this game plays like a mix of bumper cars, basketball, and lacrosse. Inside Tip // Surprisingly fun game and they have a decent selection of beers and cocktails for post game recovery.
  2. K-1 Speed: An indoor, high speed kart track. Inside Tip // K-1 has the fastest karts in Orlando (45mph)
  3. Magnolias Bar: A solid bar with a late 20s & early 30s crowd only a few blocks from Wall St. with a solid selection of craft beers, good music, and great bartenders. Inside Tip // The upstairs [if open] is a good space for billiards & a more private atmosphere with a small bar.
  4. Will’s Pub or The Social: Fantastic smaller music venues for local bands as well as larger touring acts. Yes, there will be PBR’s abound. Inside Tip // The stage at Will’s is tall and their speaker system is powerful so expect good viewing and loud music.
  5. Humanoid Custom Build Factory & Shop [coming soon]: Come kick it lakeside with us. Want to build a custom board with a Bloody Mary in hand? Covered. Want some time behind the boat? Covered.

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