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Style, ease-of-entry, and performance packaged in a boot built for the most discerning of tastes. The Howl’s V Fly Technology offers uncompromised fit that adheres to the performance standards of wakeboarding’s most stylish riders. This is proof that style & performance doesn’t have to be complicated.

*we recommend sizing up if you are on the top end of the size range.


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Tech specs

All the comfort you need while taking flight without any of the excess baggage. Flight Foam is our secret for maximum comfort from moldable EVA boot liners. The Flight Foam liner comes stocked with anatomically contoured footbeds, molded liner tongues, and extra plush J bars for snug ankle support right where you need it. Those barnacle ridden feet of yours will be flying first class.

V Fly gives you ease of entry with a snug & secure fit. Tighten the fit with a single pull across the ankle. Increase ankle support and response with an removable upper strap across the top boot collar for a more supportive feel. A newly removable lower strap keeps adjustments quick and secure.

Patent pending Smart Toof Technology is the foundation of our unified boot upper and bottomless chassis design. 4 Smart Toof Hardware locks make mounting your boots a quick and painless process. Vertical chassis teeth securely lock angles in place during your session and make stance adjustments a breeze.

Water logged boots can feel like cement shoes and will bog you down and tucker you out quickly. We engineered 20+ footbed holes located in the toe, heel, and directly underfoot which quickly drain water and aid in boot moisture & temperature control. Don’t let your feet smell like hot garbage. Your significant other will thank us.

Assembled from our own blend of Dupont™ nylon & glass, our rigid Z-bar across the middle of each baseless boot chassis eliminates boot lift and torsional twisting. You’ll find it creates drastically better  leverage from your toes and ankles for lightening quick turns.

When you're putting down the landing gear, Crash Panels help minimize common areas of hyperflexion common in wakeboarding. Our elastic heel panels and molded liner tongues stretch at common points of flex to help with tweaks and making big airs feel easier on the feet. Bombs away!

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